World travel inspiration | Motivate yourself, change your mindset! (2024)

Je bucketlist. create and actually finish. It sounds simple, but looks can be deceiving, it is very difficult to step out of your comfort zone and do something completely different. Everyone believes that their situation is special. That they have no influence on certain events in their lives and that they cannot travel for reasons X, Y or Z. A positive mindset and decisiveness is not as obvious as it seems. Motivating yourself is difficult and requires a lot of effort. How do you motivate yourself to really world trip to go?

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Mindset and motivation

And it's not just the travel that you need inspiration for. It is a certain mindset that one has that influences their whole life. From a mind-numbing job and having trouble getting out of bed every morning, to canceling your sports subscription because you hardly ever go to living in a house where you actually don't want to live. Is this really how you want to spend your precious years?

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Say goodbye to negativity

We all make excuses for why we can't do what we want. “The gym is too far away. You don't have time to take dance lessons. You can't play basketball because you're too small." We can go on like this for a while. But why can others do this? Why can others achieve their goals?

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We think we will never reach that great goal because we don't have that secret ingredient to achieve the goal.
That thought is an illusion.

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Money is never the problem

When it comes to travel, people think and say that what's holding them back is money. Not having thousands of dollars in the bank, or rich parents they can knock on. People have a job with too little income or too high monthly payments. Meanwhile, those same people scroll through Facebook en Instagram with the most expensive iPhones, they walk in designer clothes, drive a nice car and eat out twice a week.

Nothing in their lives stops them from traveling except their own way of thinking and acting. Millions of people from all walks of life, circumstances and age groups are finding a way to travel. If teenagers and the elderly can organize and pay for it, why can't you as a full grown adult?

Money is important, but…

Everyone understands that you need money to travel. There is a limit to how cheap it can be and how much discount you can get. There are always circumstances such as health, visum problems, debts or family that prevent someone from traveling. Not everyone can (or wants) world trip to make.

What keeps the majority of people at home isn't the lack of money, it's a negative mindset. It is the false belief that their circumstances are different and that everyone else who travels has money or privileges that they do not. They are convinced that travel is a luxury for those with resources.

You are not too poor. You make certain choices in your life that ultimately get in the way of your travel dreams.

Chris |

If you wake up today and say to yourself, "I'm too poor to travel" or "I can't because of reason X", you will never look for ways to start traveling. You only see bears on the road. You only see the reasons why you can't travel – bills, flights, car payments, debts, family or more. You say to yourself: "I can not do it".

Change your mindset

Wake up today and say “Yes, I can travel toonand start looking for what you can do now to make that happen. Start small. work on thatpositive mindset† Each yes builds on itself and on the yes before it. Look at your daily expenses. Start saving and start planning.

It is a matter of mindset and mentality. If you really want to travel, you will find a way.

Chris |

See opportunities to save money

How much could you save if you quit smoking and stop eating out? How much could you save if you would cook more yourself and drink less? What if you gave up your big phone plan? What would take the bike more often? je sells unnecessary stuff on the marketplace?

Starting small gives you small victories that help you slowly realize that you can do it. The more wins you have, the more you keep going.

And you really don't have to reinvent the wheel yourself. We explain in detail in an extensive 10-step plan where and how to start with save for a world trip† Don't worry, we've got you back!

Keep yourself motivated and set goals

As soon as you believe that you have the control to change yourself, a mental change takes place. You go from “I can't because X or Y" nasty "next year June 1 I will leave".

If you don't believe you can travel, you never will. You just need to change the mindset, force a positive mindset. Looking for ways, however small, to make your travel dreams come true.

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You too can change

The change lies in daring. Step outside your comfort zone. being cheeky. Motivate yourself. Force your positive mindset. Just dare to go to your employer and put the question on the table: “I want to travel for six months or a year next year, can I talk to you about this”? You will notice that everyone is open to such a conversation. There is always something to arrange… but taking the first step is really up to you.

Believe in yourself

If you want to travel more, believe that. Know you can. Know that it doesn't have to be expensive. Believe in yourself. Motivate yourself. Stop saying no and start finding all the ways to say yes and make your travel dreams come true.

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Mindset and Motivation

One of the key themes in the article is the importance of mindset and motivation. The author emphasizes that a positive mindset is crucial for achieving goals, whether it's going on a world trip or making other significant life changes. They highlight the need to say goodbye to negativity and excuses, and instead focus on finding ways to make things happen.

Money as a Barrier

The article challenges the common belief that money is the main obstacle to traveling. While money is important, the author argues that it's often a negative mindset and limiting beliefs that hold people back. They suggest that people can make choices in their lives to prioritize travel and find ways to save money. It's about changing the perception that travel is only for those with resources.

Changing Your Mindset

The article emphasizes the need to change your mindset and believe in your ability to travel. By adopting a positive mindset and seeking opportunities to save money, you can start taking small steps towards your travel goals. The author encourages readers to set goals, stay motivated, and start planning for their travel dreams.

Taking Action

The author stresses the importance of taking action and stepping out of your comfort zone. They suggest being proactive in initiating conversations with employers or making necessary arrangements to make travel plans a reality. The key is to believe in yourself and your ability to make travel a part of your life.


In conclusion, the article discusses the mindset and motivation needed to embark on a world trip or any significant life change. It challenges the notion that money is the main barrier and emphasizes the importance of changing one's mindset, seeking opportunities to save money, and taking action towards travel goals. By adopting a positive mindset and believing in oneself, it is possible to make travel dreams come true.

World travel inspiration | Motivate yourself, change your mindset! (2024)


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