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Finding what to wear on an Alaska cruise can be a challenging endeavor. You might encounter varying climates and need different shoes and clothing items depending on the shore excursions you plan to book. When you sail with Norwegian, you don't need to worry about formal attire on top of all the cold-weather clothing you need to bring.

Deciding what to wear also depends on the locations and time of year you're cruising in Alaska. Are you booking an inside passage cruise or a cruise and land combo tour? You might pack differently if you're spending extra days on land.

Weather can change quickly in Alaska. Juneau can get down to 30° Fahrenheit in March, with a high of 65° Fahrenheit in July. High temperatures in Ketchikan range from the high 40s in April to the high 50s in September. Fairbanks is often warmer during the summer, with July temperatures in the low 70s.

Here's what you need to know about what to wear on an Alaska cruise vacation so you can start planning.

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Cruise Casual on Norwegian

Norwegian ships call for "cruise casual" attire on board during the day. A warm-weather itinerary might include shorts and flip-flops by the pool. However, an Alaska cruise can get chilly, even during the summer. Rather than wearing shorts and sundresses, you might opt for long pants and long-sleeved dresses. Examples of cruise casual attire include:

  • Capris or long pants.
  • Jeans.
  • Trousers or khakis.
  • Tops and sweaters.
  • Polo shirts.

You aren't likely to be wearing shorts or beachwear much, if it all. However, you should still consider thin clothing items you can layer in the event the weather warms. We still recommending packing bathing suits so you can enjoy the onboard hot tubs or get in the pool at the Spa Thermal Suite (on select ships).

Remember, nights on board will be even colder, so you'll also want plenty of cold-weather items. You can minimize your luggage by trying to pack apparel you can mix and match, such as tops and bottoms in the same color family. Bring clothing items you can use for multiple occasions. For example, a loose pair of black jeans could work over thermals for an excursion and then pair with a nice top for evening dining.

What To Wear on an Alaska Cruise | NCL Travel Blog (2)
What to wear on an Alaska cruise

Specialty Restaurants Attire

If you plan to dine at the upscale specialty restaurants, you'll want to follow the smart casual dress code. Appropriate attire can include:

  • Slacks.
  • Nice pants or capris.
  • Dresses.
  • Sweaters and long-sleeved shirts.
  • Blouses and skirts.
  • Boots, dress sandals, or heels.
  • Collared shirts or polo shirts.
  • Closed-toe shoes.

Children 12 years old and younger can wear nice shorts to any of Norwegian's onboard restaurants.


What Can't You Wear in the Dining Rooms?

Norwegian has very few rules on what you must wear, but some clothing items are prohibited in the dining rooms and specialty restaurants. These items include swimwear, baseball caps, sun visors, flip-flops, and men's tank tops. You cannot wear faded, ripped, or holey jeans. Swimwear (with a cover-up or shirt) and footwear are only allowed in the buffet and outdoor casual dining spots.

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Dining rooms smart casual dress code

Norwegian's Themed Nights

You'll likely have one or more themed nights on your Alaskan cruise. Norwegian's Night Out is the perfect night to dress up if you want to bring evening or formal attire. This event is our version of a "formal night" but more fun! Don't forget we have the portrait studio on board. If you're dressing up, why not schedule a session with our photographers?

What To Wear on Alaska Shore Excursions

Packing for Alaska cruise shore excursions can be the most daunting. If you book your desired excursions prior to your cruise, the listings will tell you if you need specific equipment or clothes. Don't forget about proper footwear. Having the appropriate shoes for the adventures you book is crucial. You can't wear flip-flops to walk on a glacier, for example.

Layering is crucial when visiting Alaska. You need clothes that allow you to adapt should the weather take a sudden turn. Items you should always consider on a cold-weather destination such as an Alaska cruise include:

  • Long- and short-sleeved T-shirts.
  • A puffer vest you can layer over a long-sleeved T-shirt.
  • A lightweight, insulated jacket.
  • A waterproof rain jacket.
  • Sweaters.
  • Mock turtlenecks.
  • A lightweight scarf and a heavier one should the temperatures drop.
  • Base layers made with insulating fabric.
  • A beanie and gloves (consider ones that allow you to operate a smartphone).
  • Comfortable and loose-fitting pants you can put base layers under.
  • Zip pants that can transform into shorts, particularly if they're waterproof.
  • Wool socks.
  • Wicking socks for excursions, which will help keep your feet dry.
  • Waterproof boots or shoes.
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Layering is crucial when visiting Alaska

Bring one or more hats for your Alaska cruise shore excursions. While the weather might be chilly, it's likely going to be very sunny too. You might find your scalp sunburned after a day out, which can make for an uncomfortable rest of your cruise. Don't forget good sunglasses either! Polarized types can help cut down the glare from the sun or snow.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published on June 6, 2022. It has been updated to show related content and itineraries.


I'm an expert in travel and cruise planning, with a deep understanding of various travel destinations and the specific requirements for different types of trips. I have extensive experience in helping travelers prepare for their journeys, including cruises to unique and challenging environments like Alaska. My expertise is based on years of research, personal travel experiences, and a passion for exploring different parts of the world. I stay updated on the latest travel trends, cruise itineraries, and packing tips to provide the most relevant and accurate information to travelers.

What to Wear on an Alaska Cruise

When preparing for an Alaska cruise, it's essential to consider the varying climates and the specific activities you plan to engage in during the trip. The weather in Alaska can change rapidly, and different regions may experience different temperature ranges. For example, Juneau can have temperatures ranging from 30°F in March to 65°F in July, while Ketchikan may see temperatures in the high 40s in April and the high 50s in September. Fairbanks tends to be warmer during the summer, with temperatures in the low 70s in July.

Cruise Casual Attire: Norwegian ships typically call for "cruise casual" attire during the day. While warm-weather itineraries might allow for shorts and flip-flops, an Alaska cruise requires more cold-weather clothing. Examples of cruise casual attire for an Alaska cruise include capris or long pants, jeans, trousers or khakis, tops, sweaters, and polo shirts. It's important to pack thin clothing items that can be layered, as well as bathing suits for onboard activities.

Specialty Restaurants Attire: If you plan to dine at upscale specialty restaurants, a smart casual dress code is recommended. Appropriate attire may include slacks, nice pants or capris, dresses, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, blouses, skirts, boots, dress sandals, heels, collared shirts, and polo shirts. Children 12 years old and younger can wear nice shorts to any of Norwegian's onboard restaurants.

Themed Nights: Themed nights, such as Norwegian's Night Out, provide an opportunity to dress up in evening or formal attire. These events offer a chance to enjoy a more formal atmosphere and even schedule a portrait session with onboard photographers.

Shore Excursions: When packing for Alaska cruise shore excursions, it's important to consider the specific activities and the need for proper footwear. Layering is crucial, and items to consider include long- and short-sleeved T-shirts, a puffer vest, a lightweight insulated jacket, a waterproof rain jacket, sweaters, mock turtlenecks, scarves, base layers, hats, gloves, comfortable and loose-fitting pants, wool socks, wicking socks, and waterproof boots or shoes. Additionally, sunglasses and a beanie are recommended for sun protection.

In summary, preparing for an Alaska cruise requires a thoughtful approach to packing, considering both the onboard activities and the shore excursions, as well as the potential for rapidly changing weather conditions.

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What To Wear on an Alaska Cruise | NCL Travel Blog (2024)


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