The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (2024)

Are you looking for fun things to do this summer? Then check out my bucket list for summer that has everything you’d want to do this season.

Summer is here and I don’t know about you but I am beyond excited to hit the outdoors and enjoy the sun after some long cold months.

But with summer here, the need to be more active means looking for things to put on a summer bucket list.

And besides sunbathing all day, there are so many ideas for a summer bucket list that you probably didn’t even think of.

So if you’re looking for other things to do during this beautiful season, I’ve compiled a list of the best bucket list ideas for summer to help you enjoy the summer in full swing.

Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas To Help You Enjoy Your Summer

1. Relax at The Beach

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (1)

Kicking off my bucket list for summer is probably the most obvious and that’s spending a day or 2 at the beach.

With all the heat that comes with summer, you’ll need to cool off by chilling at the beach.

However, before you go, make sure that you know these beach tips and also make sure that you don’t leave this cute bikini, this beach cover-up, or any of these beach essentials behind for a perfect beach day.

Psst…Don’t know which beach to go to? Then check out these most beautiful beaches in the south of France for inspiration.

2. Go on a Road Trip

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (2)

There is no better time to go on a road trip like during the summer! The weather is great, you won’t have to deal with the snow like in winter and you can easily dive in water holes/lakes you find along the way.

But if you’ve never gone on a road trip, check out this post to learn how to plan a road trip and all the mistakes to avoid while on the road.

Also, check out this post to exactly know which road trip essentials not to leave behind for an epic summer road trip.

And while driving, don’t bore yourself to death! Summer is all about being energetic, so make sure that you have some road trip games to play to kill boredom.

3. Connect With Nature Through Camping

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (3)

I love camping! It’s usually on top of my summer to-do list and if you love the outdoors, add it to your crazy summer bucket list as well.

You can opt to go pitch tent camping or rooftop tended car camping! But whichever way you choose to camp, you’re bound to have an incredible time in the outdoors.

So whether you plan to go alone, with the family, or camping with your dog, make sure that you don’t forget to bring the necessary camping accessories.

And if this summer will be your first time, make sure that you know all the camping tips for beginners to avoid the most common camping mistakes made by rookies!

You can also check out my other posts on the best breakfast meals for camping or this kitchen camping cooking gear post to fully prepare for your summer camping trip.

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4. Take it to The Trail By Hiking

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (4)

If you don’t go hiking during summer, then you’re missing out on one of the popular activities that is on almost everyone’s bucket list for the summer.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, you can check out my hiking tips for beginners to guide you through the entire process and also get an idea of the hiking gear you should pack before you hit the trail.

And while at it, be sure not to make these hiking mistakes that most beginner hikers usually make.

5. Make a Splash at The Swimming Pool

If you live in a city like Paris which has no beaches, the best way to cool off the summer hit is by hitting the swimming pool.

So prepare your swimsuit and tick this activity off your bucket list for summer.

6. Attend a Summer Festival

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (5)

The fun thing about summer is that it comes with a number of festivals, be it music, art, movies, etc., whichever kind of festival and my guess is that it has everything to do with the good weather!

So check your local festival calendar and see which festival you can attend this summer for an incredible time.

7. Let Your Inner Child Out at a Theme Park

If you’ve always wanted to let your inner child out, going to a theme park is the best way to do it this summer!

So let loose and climb your favorite rollercoasters, eat all the pastries and sweets you can and laugh as hard as you can because you totally deserve it.

8. Go For a Picnic

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (6)

Going for a picnic is one of my favorite summer activities and it comes high on my summer bucket list.

So get your picnic basket and picnic blanket ready, pack your favorite sandwiches and find some nice park/grass to sit in.

But if you don’t know how to plan one, you can check out my tips for planning a perfect picnic.

9. Be Mesmerized at an Aquarium

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (7)

One of the other activities that should be on your bucket lists for summer is going to an aquarium.

It is a fun way to enjoy the aquatic life and on top of that, most aquariums usually organize festivals during summer which can be super fun to watch.

10. Shop all You Can During the Summer Sale

If you love shopping, this should be the first thing on your bucket list for summer. Thankfully, most countries organize official summer sales where you can grab something you’ve been wanting for so long but couldn’t afford!

So save up now as it can be interesting and the huge discounts will make you want to buy everything.

11. Visit a National park

There is no better time to visit a national park than in the summer! So grab your national park essentials and go connect with nature.

12. Discover The Underwater Species By Snorkeling

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (8)

Another activity that should be on your bucket lists for the summer is snorkeling! With the heat of the summer, snorkeling is a good way to cool off while still admiring the beautiful underwater species.

13. Learn How to Surf

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, this summer is the perfect time to resurrect your passion. Luckily, during the summer, there are so many places that teach how to surf!

It might be a bit intimidating but challenge yourself and tick it off your bucket list for the summer.

14. Watch a Beautiful Sunset

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (9)

One of the best parts about this time of the year is that summer blesses us with beautiful sunsets!

So look out for good sunset spots in your neighborhood and take in the beauty that comes with watching the sun disappear as it creates magical colors.

15. Visit a Farm and Pick Your Own Strawberries

Who doesn’t love strawberries! Now imagine instead of just buying them from a grocery store, you get to go to a farm and pick them yourself!

It’s such a fun experience that you ought to enjoy during this summer.

16. Check Into an All-Inclusive Resort

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (10)

After non-stop working, sometimes all you need is to relax and have everything done for you, and checking yourself into an all-inclusive resort will provide all that!

I mean we all deserve a break sometimes and just sit at the resort beach/pool while sipping on a margarita!

17. Get Tipsy on a Wine Tasting Tour

If you love wine, then going on a wine tasting tour is one of the perfect ideas for a summer bucket list.

18. Visit a Vine Yard

If wine tasting at a bar or a wine cellar doesn’t work for you, why not just head to a vineyard instead.

You’ll not only taste various wines but you’ll also learn about the entire wine making process which is really interesting.

19. Go Water Skiing

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (11)

Nothing says summer than participating in various water sports and one fun summer activity you should try is water skiing.

20. Organise a BBQ and Invite People Over

Is it even summer without the smell of a grill? Certainly not! So invite some friends/family over and enjoy a good bbq.

21. Check into a Cozy Cabin in the Mountains

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (12)

If you’re like me who sometimes just wants to get away from it all, then this activity is one of the fun summer ideas that should be on your travel bucket list.

You do not only get to enjoy the coziness of the cabin but you also get a chance of participating in various outdoor adventures.

22. Take it to the Road on a Biking Trip

A biking trip doesn’t have to be super long! You can choose to bike around your neighborhood. This is also a perfect way to stay fit while enjoying the good weather.

23. See Some Wild Animals at The Zoo

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (13)

If your city doesn’t have any National parks with wild animals, it doesn’t mean that you miss out on the fun! You can still get up close to them by visiting the zoo!

I know it might not be the same but it’s still a great way to spend your summer.

24. Go Kayaking

Another water sport that should be on your bucket list for summer is kayaking. Kayaking is relaxing and being on the water, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool breeze.

25. Travel Beyond Your City And Visit a New Place

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (14)

I am not sure about you but I am so ready to visit some new places this summer! It doesn’t have to be a new country but even just a city next to yours can be your summer destination.

If you don’t know where to go, start by listing down all the places you’ve always wanted to visit! Then bring in the factors of time and budget and these will help you narrow down where you can go.

You can also use my tips on how to plan a trip from scratch if you don’t know where to start.

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26. Have Some Fun at a Water Park

I know I said to participate in water activities but if your city doesn’t have any lake/sea/ocean, it doesn’t mean that you completely miss out on the fun.

Head out to a water park and let your fun side blossom as you splash while cooling off at the same time.

27. Eat All The Ice Cream Your Stomach Can Handle

Oh, ice cream! Other than the beach, it’s my favorite way to cool off the heat of the summer and the best part is that you cool off while satisfying your mouth/stomach.

So don’t worry about the calories, just have some summer fun and you’ll think about that when winter comes.

28. Camp in Your Backyard

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (15)

I know I earlier suggested going on a camping trip but unfortunately, for various reasons, not everyone can go into the outdoors.

If you’re among those people but still want to experience camping, why not try camping in your backyard. So get your camping tent and sleeping bag ready, make a campfire, and enjoy an adventure right in your backyard.

It might not be as adventurous as being in the wild but it’s still incredibly fun and it’s actually one of the romantic staycation ideas for couples.

29. Shop at a Flea Market

When summer comes, most people want to declutter and sell off everything they no longer need!

So why not take advantage of the season and snag some antiques at a flea market! With a quick google search, you’ll be able to find some flea markets near you.

30. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town/City

If you can’t travel to a new place this summer, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of traveling! You can be a tourist in your own city!

A number of people usually ignore their home towns but you’ll be surprised by how many new places/things you’ll discover by just exploring your city.

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31. Light a Fire Pit and Make S’mores

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (16)

It’s not officially summer if you don’t light a fire and make some s’mores!

Gather around a fire pit at night with your entire family and make s’mores while telling stories! It’s the perfect way to have some quality family time during the summer.

As they say, a family that makes s’mores together stays together! You’ve probably never heard of that saying because I’ve just made it up.

32. Go on a Cruise

I am dreaming of cruising the Caribbean right now but even if it’s not in the Caribbean, you can still take a local cruise and have some fun on the water.

Whether it is for a day or a week, cruising is one of the bucket list ideas for summer.

33. Watch a Sports Game

If you’re into sports, then one of the things to do this summer is to watch a sports game!

Luckily for you, there are usually so many games organized during the summer so you’ll be spoilt by choice.

34. Go Glamping

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (17)

We have to agree that not everyone is into roughing it out during camping! If that’s not for you, you don’t have to do it.

Instead, why not try glamping! It’s the “luxury” way of camping that non-campers can also enjoy.

35. Watch a Drive-in Movie

Instead of always watching a movie from your couch, why not switch things up this summer by watching a drive-in movie.

On top of watching your favorite movie, the vibe of driving in and watch a movie from your car is incredibly fun and kinda romantic if you ask me!

Final Thoughts on The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer

If you were looking for summer activities, I hope that my summer bucket list inspired you to consider ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

Which summer activity can’t you wait to do or which activities are on your bucket list for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you have any ideas for the summer bucket list that are not included on my list, still leave them in the comments below to inspire others.

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  15. Strawberry Picking: Promoting the fun experience of visiting farms and picking fresh strawberries.
  16. All-Inclusive Resorts: Recommending relaxing getaways at all-inclusive resorts for a stress-free vacation.
  17. Wine Tasting and Vineyard Visits: Encouraging wine lovers to explore wine tasting tours and vineyards for a unique experience.
  18. Water Skiing: Suggesting water skiing as a thrilling water sport to try during the summer.
  19. BBQ Parties: Promoting the idea of organizing BBQ parties with friends and family.
  20. Mountain Cabin Retreats: Recommending cozy cabin stays in the mountains for outdoor adventures and relaxation.
  21. Biking Trips: Encouraging biking trips around the neighborhood as a way to stay fit and enjoy the good weather.
  22. Zoo Visits: Suggesting zoo visits as an alternative to national park experiences for observing wildlife.
  23. Kayaking: Promoting kayaking as a relaxing water sport to enjoy the cool breeze.
  24. Exploring New Places: Encouraging individuals to travel beyond their city and visit new destinations, offering tips for trip planning.
  25. Water Parks: Suggesting visits to water parks for fun water activities and cooling off.
  26. Ice Cream Indulgence: Emphasizing the pleasure of eating ice cream during summer to cool off and enjoy the season.
  27. Backyard Camping: Offering the option of camping in the backyard for those unable to venture into the wilderness.
  28. Flea Market Shopping: Encouraging visits to flea markets for unique finds and antiques.
  29. Being a Tourist in Your Own City: Promoting exploration of one's own city to discover new places and experiences.
  30. Fire Pit Gatherings: Encouraging the tradition of gathering around a fire pit, making s'mores, and enjoying family time.
  31. Cruises: Suggesting local cruises as a way to enjoy the water and have a vacation experience.
  32. Sports Game Attendance: Encouraging sports enthusiasts to attend games organized during the summer.
  33. Glamping: Suggesting glamping as a luxurious alternative to traditional camping.
  34. Drive-in Movies: Recommending the unique experience of watching movies at drive-in theaters.
  35. Exploring Local Culture: Encouraging individuals to participate in local cultural events and festivals.

These concepts cover a wide range of summer activities, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy during the season. Whether you prefer outdoor adventures, relaxing getaways, or cultural experiences, this summer bucket list offers ideas to make your summer memorable.

The Ultimate Bucket List For Summer: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas 2021 (2024)


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