The Alphabet Lore Is EXTREMELY Dark! (2024)



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Y'all [ __ ] suck y'all are trash.

Y'all can't beat one letter, alphabet, lore, A to Z.

Okay, all right see, okay.

What in the elementary school are we watching right now? So F has his own cave.

What is he a legendary Pokemon? Is he one of the Reggie rocks that [ __ ] have [ __ ]? He has people enslaved, G is gay or bisexual he's one of the two I just have I just have a feeling like I.

Don't have no proof behind it, but yeah hold up.

I was told.

66 percent of y'all aren't subbed up so go ahead and sum up and join the fam and don't forget to follow me on Twitch link is in the description he's gay he's blowing himself yeah, like I, said, like I, said, he's blowing himself, I told y'all me a cab, okay, okay, that's fire! Okay, dirty ass, Wheels, not even circles.

I know this [ __ ] did not just swallow H and pooted it out.

Oh my God.

He did High Five ghosts so dirty hi, yeah, that's not how it went in the movies.

He has a scope Jay.

What why does Jay have buns? Why does Jay have buns? What are they trying to imply? I? Don't know how I feel about that.

Don't do sj's like that.

The [ __ ], what the hell just happened- oh no, that moan is definitely he's.

Definitely something Sailor Moon.

This [ __ ] is zarbonne.

I've been hiding another side of myself where, in the closet, I'd rather I rather die than die than to be saved by L, oh Elemento, P, all of them gonna be gang, LMNOP gonna be gang.

Did they give him a [ __ ] ain't? No way they gave him ding-a-ling and so LMNOP are part of the uh Sailor Moon game.

Okay, that thing looked ugly, yeah I, don't know a single person with a name that starts with an N.

That's valid, though so yeah Nigel is Nigel, even a good name who goes and name their kid.

Nigel I, don't know what o is doing right now: I'm thinking of the name, Nigel Nicole, Nicole, fire name, Nicholas isn't Nicholas is mid.

Neanderthal, that's a fire name not for somebody, but it's a name in general.

General Netherlands is all right.

I guess I mean the country's mid, so their name being mid, isn't surprising, Noah I, don't know a single Noah I can trust.


The only word that starts in that's kind of fire is [.

__ ].

Oh, he just turned into a glory hole.

I'd do some things with oh made it cute dirty.

What is that? What happened? What was that? What happened? What I don't get it done? Oh, oh, he got his thing stolen.

Oh my God, bro, yeah, uh, yeah I would be disappointed in you, too [ __, ].


Look at me: hmm, hey, okay, Dora! Okay, if y'all don't get Q off my screen minutes, bro f is a menace.

He just he just sucking and swallowing everything he sees.


Better trust me I know what it's like to take a hologram to the face.

What the hell, oh, also y'all, all choking he's collecting the Infinity Stones.

How many do they have hey just letting their land F just explore all their insides right now, I! Don't need to see you transform again.

I! Don't need to see you transform again.


Could have skipped it.

Why is f able to just eat everything? Why is that not e his F doesn't is formed like a mouth I.

Guess I'm, getting tired of him devouring everything and putting them out.

That's the ultimate disrespect foreign! Thank you.

Oh oh we're on the cheeks, we're gonna do a beep, hey, y'all, [, __, ] suck y'all are trash.

Y'all can't beat one letter put y'all F's in the chat for these trash ass letters.

You looks like a mouth, you can eat f, you can eat f Leu.

Oh they're gonna be strapped up foreign okay, okay dead in your chest.

It should be over now right.

We doing you're gonna.

Tell me this [ __ ] F got hallucination tactics too.

What is he atachi? He just be putting [ __ ] in genjutsus.

What oh, my God he's overpowered he's, broken he's, broken I hate, overpowering, characters, bro, that's hey, oh w-a, -c-o-w-a-r, d, okay, oh and it's hallucinating ends having a nightmare and you really a [ __ ].

That's what that's literally.

What is happening right now ends having nightmares.

A schnitzel man has post-traumatic stress disorder who lives inside of my mouth.

Oh, yes, okay, yeah, multiplication, I like it.

They just run the wires F and X had a rivalry.

Okay, this [ __ ] F broken he broken.

He broken it's not even fair.

It's not even very he's broken.

He just every single, every single chance he shows up.

He just he just dominates.

This is BS.

Now I'm still mad that when Jay popped on the screen, the first thing they did was show booty.

Cheek s.

Z has to save the day.

Bro Z has to save the day.

Yeah yeah I'm hating.

How overpowered this [ __ ] f is like this is ridiculous and yeah, so is in Gonna Save The Day He has to right.

Everyone else is gone besides.

Z in turns to Z in turns to Z, that's the ending in transforms and he turns to Z hold up.

He transforms.

He transforms to Z right all.

Those crystals is like when uh Goku was surrounded by the Sans and transformed into Super Saiyan God right, he turns into Z.

He got the crystals and turned hom*osexual.


Think I, like what I said better wow I, think sometimes disease made more sense why he turned gay where's, Zs yeah, yes, they've been enslaved.

Are these these words spell anything? What is this a few moments later? That's not friends.

There's no end he's the end: okay, okay, Chad.


How do y'all call me slow when I'm, okay, all right the end's, not even the right way, though that ends backwards? [, __, ], y'all? Why? What man did he put a question mark because he questioned his sexuality? Okay, okay, friends? Okay, where the hell is he where the hell is he where the hell is he? Oh? What the hell is what the hell is happening.

Are we getting a backstory? Hey, hey, okay, that's why he turned into a ghost.

That's crazy! That's crazy! No that's to say doesn't say that's insane! That's insane! Yeah! Oh! So that's.

Why f is the way he is.

F got bullied, okay, what so yeah he got gang banged by all the all the um other people they ruined his dentures, his only friend and you a [ __, ] foreign.

He saw everything that happened.

Then what you can see the future, you can see the future, what the hell, foreign, foreign, foreign, no I, don't get it I, don't I, don't get Z I, don't understand, I, don't understand! Z, oh I, didn't I, really didn't watch it.

Zoom out.

I didn't see it zoom out.

Okay, so they made Z practically Jesus like okay, all right bro F was never a villain.

He just got Yo ends a [ __ ] man.

Oh my God, bro I felt so bad for f.


Didn't do nothing wrong in fact: [ __ ] every single letter in the alphabet, besides F and z, and Q Q was trying to do it.

All Q was just you know just slugging around, and then they had to do all the nonsense that killed trying to catch up to them, but because Q was slow.

Everyone wants to ignore the explode, the slow person, because he can't keep up the speed with y'all.

The Alphabet Lore Is EXTREMELY Dark! (2024)


What is the lore of alphabet lore? ›

Alphabet Lore, also known as Alphabet: The Series is an animated series and first season of the series of the same name created by Mike Salcedo, the series is based on the Latin alphabet. It was originally a "one animation per day" project for a whole month according to him.

What happened to F at the end of alphabet lore? ›

The episode ends with F walking up his cave dejectedly, and looking onto the crowd of letters walking away, N who was looking at F's cave turns around with a frowning face. F turns from lowercase to uppercase, signaling the time change.

Is the alphabet lore a game? ›

Manyland is a 2d sandbox browser MMO game.

Why is Z crying in Alphabet Lore? ›

Like that, Z cries briefly at the end of “nZ…” equivalent to how F's tears are gems resembling punctuation marks, Z's tears represent the punctuation “...” which has a vastly different meaning than a singular “.” and can thus be reasonably considered a different symbol.

Is K from Alphabet Lore a girl? ›

Description. The eleventh letter of the alphabet, K! K is an insect, a bug, who can fly. They are moth gender, non-binary, but is more likely to be female.

Who is the slug in Alphabet Lore? ›

Q is a major character from the series, Alphabet Lore by Mike Salcedo. He is a slug-like letter who follows the other letters on their adventures.

Was D kidnapped in Alphabet Lore? ›

D was one of the letters that got kidnapped, along with E, I, R, and S. D was used as a weapon to help F kidnap E. D was the first letter that was kidnapped. D, as a lowercase letter, was used by e to hit f, which is why F uses D to knock E out.

Who is C in Alphabet Lore? ›

Ci! C is the third letter of the alphabet. He was used to make the words "CAB", "COWARD", and "frick". In addition, he was used to make "WATCH" in non-canon content.

What does K look like in Alphabet Lore? ›

K resembles a large insect, most possibly a type of moth or butterfly. She is one of the few letters that resemble an animal. The others being Q, B, T, and S, along with F possibly drawing some inspiration from a crocodile.

How many females are in Alphabet Lore? ›

W are the first and only Alphabet Lore letters to have an actual eye color other than black (maroon). They, along with P, K, and Y are the only confirmed female characters. Their design was probably based off the Grady Twins in the horror movie called: The Shining.

What happened to Y in Alphabet Lore? ›

Lowercase Y is seen alongside B, M, and X, oblivious to Q and the UFO. In that time period, she grew into an adult and witnessed X being taken forcefully by 1. As such, she helps in stopping 1 to save X. She uses her body as a slingshot (since of course they're shaped like the letter) to shoot X clones at 1.

What happened to E in Alphabet Lore? ›

When he became uppercase, E got hit by F who was using D as a weapon as karma for using D to hit F. He would reside in F's cave chained up for the rest of the series until Z turned back time.

What is Alphabet Lore Roblox? ›

Welcome to Alphabet lore roleplay where you can roleplay the english alphabet in 3D (Btw this game was created under 24 hours!!!) Buy a gamepass which depends if u need it, Rejoin if you bought a gamepass Please follow the Roblox TOS and that's all!

What is the unofficial Alphabet Lore? ›

The Unofficial Alphabet Lore Wiki is an unofficial wiki run by fans. The wiki was founded on August 29, 2022. We have since then made 30,437 edits to 253 articles. Before starting, please make sure to read our rules and the editing guide and help us grow this wiki here.

Why is F in Alphabet Lore mean? ›

F is the sixth letter of the alphabet. and is the main antagonist of Alphabet Lore. He was used to make the words "friends", "fart", and "frick". As of the epilogue, he is a supporting character.

Why is a slug in Alphabet Lore? ›

Q resembles a slug; as such, he's also very slow. Because of this, Q was unable to catch up to the other letters and deliver his prophecy until it was too late.


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