Spring Bucket List: 50 Simple Ideas + Printable Pdf (2024)

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Spring is one of my favourite seasons. With the flowers blooming and signs of new life everywhere, it’s the perfect time to get outside and spend more time in nature.

I have spoken on many occasions on the importance of getting outdoors (in all weathers), but Spring is truly the most perfect time to get started with this.

One of my favourite things to do is simply spend longer periods outside embracing nature. We adjust our daily rhythm so that play invitations, sensory play, art and independent play all happens outside – either in the garden or at the local park.

With that being said, sometimes it is nice to have a focus of your outdoor time, whether it be picking seasonal fruit at a local PYO, then making muffins or pies with the fruit you have collected or simply creating ‘potions’ using herbs and flowers in the garden.

I have compiled a Spring bucket list filled with simple activities and prompts for you to encourage longer periods of outdoor play.

You can also access a pdf printable version (without signing up to my mailing list) here.

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Spring bucket list: 50 simple things to do with young kids

  1. go on a nature walk and search for spring flowers
  2. jump in muddy puddles!
  3. take art projects outdoors
  4. visit a wildflower meadow and take pictures
  5. draw with sidewalk chalks in the garden or local park
  6. plant some seeds and watch them grow!
  7. make a flower soup with old Mother’s Day flowers
  8. freeze flowers overnight to use in sensory play
  9. take a picnic to the local park
  10. make a simple mud kitchen in the garden – use old pots and pans!
  11. walk barefoot in your back garden
  12. read some Spring themed books
  13. make a homemade bird feeder
  14. visit a butterfly house
  15. plant sunflower seeds ready for summer
  16. go on a spring themed scavenger hunt
  17. explore a playground that you haven’t visited before
  18. lie on a blanket and look for shapes in the clouds
  19. play pooh sticks!
  20. fly a kite on a windy day
  21. create a fairy garden
  22. visit a farm and see the baby animals
  23. create an outdoor obstacle course
  24. spring clean the play space
  25. go backyard camping
  26. set up a hammock and read some books
  27. roll down a hill
  28. collect rocks and paint them, then hide for others to find
  29. make a nature wand
  30. go on a sound walk
  31. build a fort
  32. make homemade spring themed play dough
  33. go on a bug hunt in your local forest or park
  34. take story time outside
  35. play tag
  36. go on a rainy walk
  37. watch the sunrise together
  38. watch the sunset together
  39. have breakfast outdoors
  40. visit a Farmer’s Market and try something new
  41. blow some bubbles!
  42. climb a tree
  43. take a road trip to a new national park or adventure trail
  44. decorate a terracotta flower pot
  45. visit a local flower show
  46. pick some seasonal fruit at a local ‘pick your own’ farm
  47. learn a new skill – e.g. skipping or riding a bike
  48. paddle in a stream
  49. crush some herbs to make ‘potions’
  50. make a pie or muffins with seasonal fruits

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About this Spring Bucket List

Please note that this is a general list aimed at families with young children. Some of the activities featured might not be suitable for your youngest family members just yet so trust your own judgement when it comes to all things play related. Young children, and under 3s especially, should always be supervised.

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Spring Bucket List: 50 Simple Ideas + Printable Pdf (4)

Sian Thomas

Spring Bucket List: 50 Simple Ideas + Printable Pdf (5)

I’m Siân (rhymes with yarn), a play advocate, proud parent to three, and former teacher. My mission is to infuse more joy and less overwhelm into the lives of parents. Discover play-based activities with me that not only make learning FUN but also forge deep connections with your young learners, creating memories to cherish forever.


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Spring Bucket List: 50 Simple Ideas + Printable Pdf (2024)


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