SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (2024)

Written By Amanda Diaz

I don’t know about y’all, but I have been waiting patiently (and impatiently) for Spring to get here since January!

Finally, the sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds and it’s giving us hope for all the good things to come this spring.

With warm weather coming, it presents the perfect opportunity to start planning some things to do with your best friends.

On Pinterest, you can find tons of great lists of things to do in the Spring and during the Easter season, but this list is specifically curated to be a fun and unique bucket list for intentional friendships.

There are also some fun tips on how to make these 15 ideas even more special!

Whether you prefer doing a classic activity and adding a twist, or trying an out-of-the-box idea, check out this 2023 Spring Bucket List that is sure to be a good time for you and your friends!

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15 Things to Do This Spring With Friends

1| Make granola together

SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (2)

I know this probably sounds weird, but in the spring we start to remember those New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier. Why not make nutritional snacks together and make it a fun activity at the same time?

Layout a spread of ingredients, baking dishes, and parchment paper, and make room for one another to enjoy this DIY activity.

Below are some popular ingredients:

2| Outdoor photoshoot

Us girlies LOVE a cute picture, it may take a million tries to get the perfect one, but the quality time spent with your friends trying to make it happen is well worth it!

Below are some tips to help:

  • Grab some props (flowers, blankets, a cute cup, a mirror, a backdrop, etc.)

  • Go to a cool outdoor area like a grassy field, the beach, a scenic park, or a garden

  • Look up some poses on social media

  • Hype each other up!

3| Weekend getaway

Is there a place that’s a 2-3 hour drive that you’ve never visited before? Maybe it has a restaurant, a store, an event going on, or a cool landmark that you’d be interested in visiting, make it a cute little weekend getaway.

If there is at least one thing that can attract you to the area, then you can build a meaningful trip around it with a little creativity!

4| Be a tourist in your town

Maybe you don’t need to drive 2-3 hours to go somewhere because there are places you’ve never explored in your own backyard.

This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to look at your hometown through a new lens and create new memories.

5| Fruit picking

SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (3)

Depending on the area you live in may determine the fruit that is available to be picked, and if you’re lucky there may be a variety to choose from.

Enjoy the unique process of picking it together, then make it a challenge to see who can make the best dessert with what you all gathered.

6| Flower picking

Miley Cyrus told us we can buy our own flowers, and I’m saying we can pick them too! Get some pretty flowers with your bestie and create an aesthetic bouquet for your dining room table.

7| Walk/run a 5k together

SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (4)

Working out together is a great way to bond in your friendship, as you're encouraging and cheering one another on. Make it even more fun and dress up in a costume or matching outfits!

8| Go to a music festival

Festival season starts back up around April, and it’s the perfect weather to enjoy your favorite artists outdoors while dancing and singing with your besties.

9| Support local businesses at a craft fair

Craft fairs have more than homemade cookies and muffins these days! There are tons of creative items that you and your friends can sift through together.

While there, take a moment to separate from each other and purchase surprise gifts for one another.

10| Go bike riding in a scenic area

Bike riding is another great form of exercise, and doing it with a friend will bring back those childhood memories and that lighthearted joy.

11| Play cornhole

Cornhole is a game where you throw bean bags at a raised board that has a hole in the middle. There are two boards on opposite sides and the goal is to score the most points on the other person’s board.

If you don’t have your own cornhole boards, it could be a fun DIY project to make them together (Hello YouTube University!), or check out your local bar or park and you will surely find them.

Grab your friend, a cool drink, and have fun!

12| Visit a butterfly garden

I saw this on Tiktok and I thought it was so cute! If you and your friends are fortunate enough to live near a butterfly garden, I would definitely go check it out.

13| Make a charcuterie board together and record the process

Charcuterie boards are just a fancy way of putting food together and laying it out on a wooden board for an aesthetic presentation.

I’ve seen charcuterie boards of hot chocolate, salads, tacos, fruit, and so much more. Put on a cooking show together and record a video of the process.

Have fun editing and posting it together while enjoying the fruits of your labor!

14| Take a terrarium building class

SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (6)

Spring is a great time for those with a green thumb (or a baby green thumb) to bring a little of the outside, inside their home with a terrarium.

When building your terrarium, add something that will remind you of the friend you're doing it with, like a gem, a seashell, colorful pebbles, or a preserved flower.

15| Volunteer together

One of the best things you can do with a friend is to help other people together.

Around this time of the year, you all could help your elder neighbors with their gardens, or by offering to mow their grass.

If you and your friend prefer to support an organization, check out your local Habitats for Humanity.

With that organization, you all can enjoy a day outside building, renovating, and restoring affordable housing for the community.

SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (7)

5 Quick Tips To Make Your Spring Outing Successful

Dress Up

That saying, “Look good, feel good,” is totally true! Getting dressed up with your friend and being photo-ready makes the outing that much more special.

Capture the Moments

While I’m all about being present in a moment, I also think it’s nice to have pictures and videos of the time together to have as a keepsake.

Whether you choose to record every moment or snap one really great picture, you’ll be thankful to have it in the long run.

Create a Special Playlist

With your friend, create a playlist ahead of time filled with songs that you’d both enjoy listening to during your activity.

If the activity you all are doing inspires new songs, add them to the shared playlist as a musical reminder of the quality time spent together.

Try Something New

Be open-minded to trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone.

Encourage one another to be bold (as long as the activity is safe emotionally or physically).

Don’t Bust the Budget

Most of the activities on this list aren’t super expensive, but for some that do require a little more money, don’t allow you or your friend to spend beyond your means to do so!

Talk honestly about what you’re comfortable spending upfront so there are no assumptions or disappointments.

SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (8)

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and connect with your girls! Spring is a great opportunity to water the seeds of your friendship and watch them bloom.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your friends in Spring? I’d love to hear below!

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SPRING BUCKET LIST: 15 THINGS TO DO WITH FRIENDS — friendship with intention (2024)


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