50 Travel Instagram Accounts To Inspire Your Next Trip (2024)

You know that feeling you get when you wake up, it’s raining outside and you just can’t be bothered to get out of bed?

Or when it’s just getting dark and you arrive jet-lagged in a new city and want to stay in?

Or when you are about the book the flights for your next Asia trip and that unexpected bill arrives and ruins everything?


I have some bad news for you.

You have a disease.

A disease called Domestication.

But do not fear, Domestication effects the best of us, and is a condition that is easily cured…

With your first heroic dose of the following travel-inspired Instagram profiles.

Then going forward, we highly recommend that you follow a minimum of 10 accounts and then continue your medication for the next 30 days.

Though you must ensure that you take your dose EVERY day for the full course of the prescription: 30 Days.

We are yet to have a patient who has not been completely cured after 30 days exposure to this high level of dosage.

Yes, I have spent the past 4.5 hours trawling through my Instagram account, tags and travel influencers in order to handpick the most inspirational travel and adventure themed accounts that will dispel even the faintest glimpse of the terrible (and some say deadly) disease of Domestication.

50 travel Instagram accounts to inspire your next trip

@ytravelblog – Of course, first up we have our awesome hosts Caz & Craig, follow for images of interesting beverages, hammocks and glorious sunsets.

@legalnomads – Former lawyer Jodi shares images of fresh, vibrant dishes mixed with smiling people and astounded cats.

@workwhiletravel – Veronica details her journey working from the road with images of grand icons from each country she visits.

A photo posted by Veronika (@workwhiletravel) on

@tourist2townie – Gareth Travels Deeper, valuing relationships over countries (and of course, also takes awesome photo’s).

@whatalexloves – Alexandria is passionate about autumn and uses her profile as platform to share this with the world.

@justonewayticket – It is clear that Sabrina is a pretty serious traveller from the variety of her pictures.

@expertvagabond – Matthew shares images covering erupting volcanoes, smiling locals and distant jungle lakes.

@thedigitalnomad – The Digital Nomad shares topless pictures of himself feeding kittens, astounding office locations and glorious sunsets.

@everythingeverywhere – I’m not sure what camera Gary is using but his distant landscape shots are mind-blowing.

@insatiabletraveler – With vibrant colours, the African Savanna and stunning wildlife shots, Susan owns one of the most refined profiles of this medication.

@croyable – Eelco litters his profile with stunning beach shots, buildings and aerial shots of New York City.

@zakshelhamer – By far the most adventurous account of this medication, Zak will make you actually want to go hiking.

@contiki – Pictures of awesome people doing awesome things in awesome palces.

A photo posted by Contiki Holidays (@contiki) on

@bkindler – A number of Bjorn’s photo’s will cause you to glance twice at your screen, yet all of them will inspire you to head outside.

@natgeo – With an astounding 36m followers, The National Geographic’s profile shares as number of stunning wildlife pics each day.

@muradosmann – Famed for the #FollowMeTo series, Murad takes sensational images of his girlfriend Nataly in astounding outfits surrounded by inspirational scenery as they travel the world.

A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

@milkydrop – Currently Marzia’s account as a distinct autumnal theme that will make you want to rent that cottage in the mountains to sit with friends around the log fire.

A photo posted by Marzia B (@milkydrop) on

@hypoison – Violent waves and serene oceans pepper Emma’s scenic account.

A photo posted by Emma B. (@hypoison) on

@kimijuan – A very light profile with stunning images of desolate beaches.

A photo posted by Kimi Juan (@kimijuan) on

@ilarysgrill – Ilaria’s glorious sunset’s, insane sky colours and abstract images of people will leave you both curious and nostalgic.

@polylm – Specialising in people and dogs, Marco’s profile will change the way you look at public transport around the world.

A photo posted by Marco Lamberto (@polylm) on

@thomasalexnorman – Thomas shares images of beautiful ladies, awesome dives and Barcelona, where he currently resides.

@theblondegypsy – A Balkan connoisseur and master photographer, Larissa’s images are filled with sunshine, beaches and awesome city views.

@blackdotswhitespots – Susi’s scenic photo’s are both inspiring and exciting.

@tomhuntio – Tom shares images from the northern coast of South America, from the top of mountains and of small dogs (and yes, my ego forced me to include myself).

On the #beach

A photo posted by Tom Hunt (@tomhuntio) on

@anasbarros – Ana is a Portuguese architect living in Vienna and shows her passion for buildings and scenery in her images.

@vamospraonde – Gloriously white water, a Go Pro and beach hotels, what more could you want?

@nathparis – Nathalie is an artistic director from Paris and as expected, shares artistic images from the wonderful city.

A photo posted by nathparis (@nathparis) on

@sophoclesblog – Solo adventurer Sophie will show you awesome libraries, ice-cream and how to live with style in New York City.

A photo posted by Sophie (@sophoclesblog) on

@anekdotique – Clemens details his travels with minimalist shots of buildings and the landscapes he experiences.

A photo posted by Clemens Sehi (@anekdotique) on

– Dani has been travelling around the world for the past 5 years with no regrets, follow her for dogs, cats, women, cake and street art.

@nelsoncarvalheiro – Nelson is big on breakfast and is a great follow for any travel/food enthusiasts.

@mochilerostv – Sharing the best that Ecuador has to offer, MochilerosTV is an awesome, energetic YoutTube travel channel.

@selcukselviexperience – Alex shares photo’s of his reading inspiration, sensational views and extreme activities.

A photo posted by Selcuk Selvi (@selcukselviexperience) on

@_annahrose – Anna shares awesome food, great smiles and inspirational quotes, a must follow.

A photo posted by Annah Rose (@_annahrose) on

@heychloegray – With an eye for uncommon moments, Chloe’s profile will help you spot the beauty that is all around you.

@carnetstraverse – Julie shares stunning images of architecture in cities all around the world.

@crazysexyfuntraveler – A certified fitness coach, Alexandra will inspire you to both travel AND look good.

@tiffpenguin – Tiffany is an adventurous lady, each image shows her in another extreme landscape conquering her environment.

@lucydodsworth – Part time traveller, full time obsessive, Lucy shares sensational images of interesting buildings around the world.

@traveling_greg – Looking for clear blue waters and hammocks? Greg’s profile is for you.

A photo posted by @traveling_greg on

@afrenchtraveler – After reviewing Bruno’s profile you will not look at New York in the same way. Stunning.

@ovunno – Oliver is a master of landscape photography that often includes rare wildlife.

This 2015 is the year of the nature, and my first time in Yosemite… I can’t wait for come back soon!

A photo posted by Oliver Vegas (@ovunno) on

@mrscotteddy – Partial to awesome villa’s, Scott shares images of the sea, infinity pools and cocktails.

A photo posted by Scott Eddy (@mrscotteddy) on

@uncornered_market – Daniel’s images bring old grey buildings to life.

@onestep4ward – Jonny is currently on country 172 out of 193 and shares the highs and lows of his journey through his images.

A photo posted by Johnny Ward (@onestep4ward) on

@fosterhunting – Foster shares his sailing, camping and surfing adventures on his profile.

@alexandra0320 – A blogger, world explorer and yoga teacher, Alexandra shares her travels, friends and style.

@roundtheworldgirl – Elise lives actively and wanders in the wilderness, follow for hiking inspiration.

A photo posted by Elise ? (@roundtheworldgirl) on

How do you feel?

Has that cold, foreboding anxiety started to drift away to be replaced by a lighter sense of excitement and passion for the world?

Well you are one of the lucky ones.

You now have the medication…

No longer will that sinking feeling prevent you from getting up, going out or booking that ticket.

The world is yours to explore:

50 Travel Instagram Accounts To Inspire Your Next Trip (1)

(image cred)

But wait!

Your treatment is not yet complete…

We all know that travelling alone can be lonely.

If you have a friend that you suspect could be suffering from even a mild case of Domestication, you will be doing them a MASSIVE favour by sharing this post using the links below:


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See you on that flight 😉

Share some of your favourite travel Instagram accounts in the comments!

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Travel-Inspired Instagram Profiles:

Here are some of the travel-inspired Instagram profiles mentioned in the article, along with a brief description of each:

  1. @ytravelblog: Caz & Craig share images of interesting beverages, hammocks, and glorious sunsets. [[1]]
  2. @legalnomads: Jodi, a former lawyer, shares images of fresh, vibrant dishes mixed with smiling people and astounded cats. [[2]]
  3. @workwhiletravel: Veronica details her journey working from the road with images of grand icons from each country she visits. [[3]]
  4. @tourist2townie: Gareth Travels Deeper, valuing relationships over countries and takes awesome photos. [[4]]
  5. @whatalexloves: Alexandria is passionate about autumn and uses her profile as a platform to share this with the world. [[5]]
  6. @justonewayticket: Sabrina is a serious traveler, as evident from the variety of her pictures. [[6]]
  7. @expertvagabond: Matthew shares images covering erupting volcanoes, smiling locals, and distant jungle lakes. [[7]]
  8. @thedigitalnomad: The Digital Nomad shares topless pictures of himself feeding kittens, astounding office locations, and glorious sunsets. [[8]]
  9. @everythingeverywhere: Gary's distant landscape shots are mind-blowing. [[9]]
  10. @insatiabletraveler: Susan's profile showcases vibrant colors, the African Savanna, and stunning wildlife shots. [[10]]

Please note that these are just a few examples, and there are many more travel-inspired Instagram profiles worth exploring. Each profile offers a unique perspective on travel and can provide inspiration for your next adventure.


By following these travel-inspired Instagram profiles, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of different destinations, gain insights from experienced travelers, and find inspiration for your next trip. Remember to engage with the content, ask questions, and connect with fellow travel enthusiasts to enhance your travel experience. Happy exploring!

50 Travel Instagram Accounts To Inspire Your Next Trip (2024)


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