50 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Try:  The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Summer Yet - (2024)

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Who doesn’t love the warm sunshine, long days, and carefree vibes of summer? I know I do! But as much as we may daydream about it during the colder months, sometimes summer can sneak up on us before we know it, and we realize we haven’t made any plans for the season. That’s why I’ve decided to take action this year and craft a summer bucket list ideas post full of exciting and fun activities to make the most of the season.

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So, take a moment and read on so that you too can make the most out of your summer.

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Let’s dive in and get started on making this summer one for the books!

Summer Bucket List Ideas to Make Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

1. Go On a Road Trip With Friends or Family

Choose a destination you have never been to before. Add some fun while on the road with a few travel games.

2. Summer Bucket List Ideas for the Foodie: Take a Cooking or Mixology Class

Learn new recipes or cocktail techniques. Once you’ve mastered creating your favorite drink, treat yourself to a bartender kit and look like a real pro.

3. Attend a Music Festival or Concert

Don’t forget to take along a cozy blanket to sit on or to stay warm under once the sun sets.

4. Plan a Picnic

Have a picnic in the park or on the beach. Having the perfect picnic basket with all the picnic essentials is a must-have.

5. Set Sail With These Summer Bucket List Ideas: Go on A Boat Ride or Sunset Cruise

Going on a boat ride or sunset cruise is an exciting addition to your summer bucket list. It offers a wonderful opportunity to explore waterways, lakes, or even the ocean, creating memorable experiences and breathtaking views. Be prepared for any sudden change in the weather and take along a lightweight jacket.

6. Summer Bucket List Ideas for Water Lovers: Try a New Water Sport

Give kayaking or paddleboarding a try. A pair of board shorts might be in order for these activities.

7. Have a Backyard BBQ With Friends And Family

An outdoor cooler cart will keep beverages cold and handy for guests to help themselves.

8. Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

Watch a movie outdoors at a drive-in theater. Take along a collapsable recliner chair for pure comfort while you enjoy the movie.

9. Have a DIY Photo Shoot

Capture fun summer memories with a DIY photo shoot. Use fun summer photo props for next-level photos your friends and family will love.

10. Go On a Bike Ride or Scenic Walk

Wearing a pair of padded bike shorts will help protect your tush.

11. Try This Summer Bucket List Idea If You Like to Travel: Visit a New City Or Town and Explore the Local Attractions

Take along an antitheft backpack for peace of mind. There is even a place for a water bottle in this backpack.

12. Have a Game Night With Friends and Family

Game nights bring people together in a fun and engaging environment, providing an opportunity to unwind, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. What could be more fun than Family Feud?!!

13. Take a Cooking or Baking Class

Show up to class in a colorful apron making you look like a master chef!

14. Take a Day Off Work

Relax at a local pool or park. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

15. If Heights Don’t Bother You, This Is One Of The Best Summer Bucket List Ideas: Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride or Skydiving

Be sure to take sunglasses and a camera!

16. Volunteer At a Local Organization Or Charity

If volunteering outside, be sure to have a water bottle handy to stay hydrated.

17. Take a Photography/Videography Class Or Go On a Photography Walk

Grab an essentials kit just in case you want to get started vlogging or just to capture photos and videos with a little more ease.

18. Go On a Fishing Trip Or Take a Fly Fishing Lesson

Take along a backpack/chair or cooler chair so you have all your essentials on hand as well as a place to rest your feet.

19. Summer Bucket List Ideas For The Animal Lover: Visit a Zoo Or an Aquarium

A cooling towel will definitely come in handy on those sweltering hot days.

20. Explore a New Hiking Trail or Nature Reserve

When setting out on a hiking adventure, it’s crucial to have the right gear, and comfy hiking shoes are an absolute must. Your footwear choice can make or break your hiking experience, as it directly impacts your comfort, stability, and overall enjoyment on the trail.

21. Go On a Wine-Tasting Tour Or Visit a Brewery

Whether you have a passion for wine or enjoy craft beer, these experiences offer a chance to expand your palate and learn more about the art of winemaking or brewing. To enhance your tasting experience, it’s a good idea to bring along some nuts as a snack. Nuts are a versatile and complementary accompaniment to wine and beer tastings.

22. Have a DIY Project Day or Take a DIY Workshop

Jot down plans for your project in a project planner to help keep you on task.

23. Attend a Stand-Up Comedy Show or Improv Night

Carry a small crossbody bag rather than a large purse. You can keep this type of purse on you at all times rather than setting it on the floor or seat next to you.

24. Go On a Horseback Riding Adventure

Remember safety first – a helmet is a must!!

25. Try a New Cuisine or Outdoor Restaurant

Keep a lightweight cardigan sweater or jean jacket on hand just in case it gets chilly.

50 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Try: The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Summer Yet - (2)

26. Go On a Mini-Golf or Bowling Outing

If you are an avid bowler, having a bag that holds everything is essential.

27. Visit a Museum or an Art Exhibit

Take along a sketchpad or notebook to write down questions or sketch something that catches your eye.

28. Attend a Theater Production or A Musical

Wondering what to wear? A simple black dress, paired with a brightly colored summer purse is the perfect simple theater outfit.

29. Budding Artists Will Enjoy These Summer Bucket List Ideas: Take a Pottery or Painting Class

Be sure to wear old clothes that you don’t care if they get a bit dirty. An apron will also come in handy.

30. Go On a Beach Vacation Or a Tropical Getaway

Don’t forget to pack a fun swimsuit coverup for extra protection from the sun when walking the beach.

31. Host a Karaoke Night

Be the hit of the neighborhood with this Bluetooth karaoke machine!

32. Attend a Book Club or Start One

Amp up the excitement by treating yourself to a snazzy book club kit.

33. Go On a Camping Trip and Stargaze

Don’t forget to pack your trusty telescope for the ultimate stargazing experience.

34. Have a Board Game Marathon With Friends

What could be better than a competitive game of Monopoly?

35. Take an Outdoor Yoga or Fitness Class

Having a proper mat will make the experience even better.

36. Go On a Ghost Tour or a Haunted House Visit

Take along a flashlight to illuminate those mysterious hallways.

37. Learn How to Make Homemade Ice Cream or Popsicles

Elevate your frozen treat game by acquiring an ice cream maker and/or popsicle mold granting you the power to conjure up fresh, frozen delights at your very own fingertips.

38. Thrill Seeker Summer Bucket List Ideas: Go On a Zip-Lining or Ropes Course Adventure

Bring a small backpack or bag to carry your essentials, such as water, snacks, sunscreen, and any personal items you may need during the adventure.

39. Host a Talent Show

Invite friends and family to participate. Consider providing refreshments for the performers and audience. Snacks, beverages, or even a potluck-style arrangement can add an extra touch of hospitality to the event.

40. Go On a Rollercoaster or Theme Park Ride

When attending an amusement park, bring along extra food and beverages, if allowed. Pack them up in a collapsible rolling cooler.

41. Take a Calligraphy or Handwriting Class

To make the most of your calligraphy or handwriting class, it’s a great idea to invest in a lettering book and pens to practice with. A lettering book serves as a valuable resource, providing step-by-step instructions, practice sheets, and inspiration for different lettering styles and techniques.

42. If You Enjoy The Outdoors, You Will Love These Summer Bucket List Ideas: Go On a Rock Climbing or Bouldering Adventure

If you are new to these types of adventures, a beginner’s book might be a great place to start.

43. Visit a Botanical Garden

Pack a lightweight raincoat just in case Mother Nature decides to change up the weather without notice.

44. Star Gaze and Learn About the Constellations

Keep binoculars handy to get a close-up view of the stars.

45. This Might Be My Favorite of the Summer Bucket List Ideas: Have a Campfire and Make S’mores

Make it really festive with this fun s’more-making kit!!

46. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

Cook a delicious meal with the fresh, seasonal ingredients you bring home. Take along reusable shopping bags to carry all your goodies home in.

47. Build a Sandcastle at the Beach

Stay protected from the sun under this portable sun shade shelter.

48. Summer Bucket List Ideas To Learn About Science: Attend Aa Science Exhibit or a Planetarium Show

Pack a small notebook and pen so you can take notes of your favorite sites.

49. Host a Backyard Movie Night With a Projector and a Big Screen

Have family and friends over for a weekly outdoor movie night. You can get started with this kit.

50. Take Swimming Lessons

Don’t forget to bring along your beach towel, and perhaps a light snack for after your lesson.

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50 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Try: The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Summer Yet - (3)

Final Thoughts on Summer Bucket List Ideas

As we wrap up this guide to your best season yet, I hope that you’re feeling inspired to try out some of these summer bucket list ideas.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or just a chance to make some unforgettable memories, there’s something on this list for everyone. From exploring new places to trying new things, this summer is your opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and discover all the amazing things the season has to offer.

So, grab a friend or two, make a plan, and start crossing off those summer bucket list ideas. Remember, this summer is yours to enjoy, and we hope that this guide has helped you make the most of it.

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy every moment of your best summer yet!

Be well…

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As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or opinions, but I can provide information on the concepts mentioned in this article. The article discusses various summer bucket list ideas to make the most of the season. Here's a breakdown of the concepts mentioned:

  1. Road Trip: The article suggests going on a road trip with friends or family to a destination you have never been to before. It also suggests adding fun to the journey with travel games.

  2. Cooking or Mixology Class: The article recommends taking a cooking or mixology class to learn new recipes or cocktail techniques. It suggests treating yourself to a bartender kit once you've mastered your favorite drink.

  3. Music Festival or Concert: Attending a music festival or concert is suggested. The article recommends taking a cozy blanket to sit on or to stay warm once the sun sets.

  4. Picnic: Planning a picnic in the park or on the beach is another idea. It suggests having the perfect picnic basket with all the essentials.

  5. Boat Ride or Sunset Cruise: Going on a boat ride or sunset cruise is recommended for exploring waterways and enjoying breathtaking views. It advises being prepared for sudden weather changes and taking along a lightweight jacket.

  6. Water Sports: Trying a new water sport like kayaking or paddleboarding is suggested. It mentions wearing board shorts for these activities.

  7. Backyard BBQ: Having a backyard BBQ with friends and family is recommended. The article suggests using an outdoor cooler cart to keep beverages cold and handy for guests.

  8. Outdoor Movie Night: Watching a movie outdoors at a drive-in theater is suggested. It recommends taking along a collapsible recliner chair for comfort.

  9. DIY Photo Shoot: Capturing summer memories with a DIY photo shoot is another idea. The article suggests using fun summer photo props for creative photos.

  10. Bike Ride or Scenic Walk: Going on a bike ride or scenic walk is recommended. It mentions wearing padded bike shorts for comfort.

These are just a few concepts mentioned in the article. The remaining concepts include visiting new cities, attending game nights, taking classes, going on adventures, and exploring various activities. If you'd like more information on any specific concept or have any other questions, feel free to ask!

50 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Try:  The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Summer Yet - (2024)


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